One of Mayuraindia's founder, Satish and his family in India are regular visitors and supporters of Ramarppanam trust. One of the key members who runs this ashram, is classmate of Satish's Dad, who has dedicated is life t provide for less fortunate.

Sri Ramarppanam Trust was registered in TamilNadu , India in 1984. Located in Kottaiyur, near Kumbakonam, through its Ashram - Sri Shanmuganandha Ashram they have been providing free education at elementary school level and aided education at Higher Secondry school for over 2000 students.

An Orphanage run in the Ashram also hosts about 150 school children. A out patient hospital provides free care to over 50 people who are in need, daily.

Apart from providing free and accesible education t studetns in the neighbour hood, the trust also provides meals for destitute in three rural villages on Sundays. This alon ebenifits more than 500 people every week.

They are working on a proposal to build an old age home and inpatient hostpital.

We are very much interested in supporting their abitious goal, you can join us in supporting them. We will donate a percentage of our profit from Mayuraindia venture to Ramarppanam trust. Since we started this business in August 2010, we do not know what the dollar amount of our donation will be, but our goal is to raise more than Rs.25,000.

We will post the exact number by September 2011, join us and we will do this together.

You can reach us at [email protected]